Our collaborative approach with our clients produces exciting results across all industries


Our services are valued because we offer a higher level of professionalism and discretion


We boast a non-traditional approach that allows us to attract and work with top talent

Our Story

The partners at Stewart & Associates have been providing our clients with the knowledge and advice they need to make informed hiring decisions for more than 35 years. Through our portfolio of services, we work in partnership with industry’s top employers to identify, assess and recruit the best high impact candidates possible to meet their future resourcing needs.

Our approach is non-traditional because it has to be. Staying ahead of the competition in top talent recruitment is fierce. As your business becomes more competitive, our services become more valuable. The necessity of discreetly, but convincingly, recruiting only the strongest individuals is more important now than ever.

Utilizing a combination of targeted skills and tools, we are able to take a surgical approach to both identify and attract the high impact resources our clients are seeking to build their business.

The Partners at Stewart & Associates work collaboratively with each and every client and as such, we accept a limited number of engagements at any time.

Don Stewart

Don Stewart

Managing Partner

Independence and adventure have characterized most of Don’s career. After travelling extensively, Don initially launched his career in technology, but soon moved into the Human Resources field because of his passion for working with people. Having held senior positions at a number of large international technology and staffing firms, Don formed lasting relationships with some of the top business leaders and executives in these industries.

His understanding of the importance of “human capital” within organizations lead Don to co-found inRound Innovations; a professional services firm specializing in provision IT and management resources. Recognized as Ottawa’s fastest growing company in 2009 (Ottawa Business Journal), inRound has been successfully built into one of the top ITSM firms in Ottawa. Don recently left inRound to pursue the creation of his own “boutique” recruitment agency to build on his precious success and focus on direct search recruitment.

Luiza Markowski   LLL, LLB

Luiza Markowski LLL, LLB


Tenacious, dynamic, and “diplomatically persistent”, Luiza is a career recruiting professional. Early beginnings pointed towards a career as a lawyer, with degrees in both Common and Civil law, but an introduction to the recruiting industry had her hooked. The challenge of looking for that ideal job fit, the “needle in a hay stack”, was so compelling that Luiza soon found herself working at the international level as an independent recruiter. With clients staffed on a global scale, she used her legal background to source candidates for that skill set.

Luiza navigates with ease through legal associations, business groups, and online communities to connect with the top performers. This enables her to provide clients thoroughly vetted, highly qualified, and motivated candidates. In recent times, Luiza has focused her recruiting efforts within the legal profession on a more local level, working with clients in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. In the summer of 2015, Luiza advanced her recruiting aspirations to the next level through a business partnership, creating Stewart & Associates. Luiza continues to develop her network within both the legal and business communities in Ottawa through active involvement in many business organizations and associations.

“I turned to Luiza’s expertise in the legal profession to assist in bringing key legal resources onto my management team. Her knowledge of the industry and the people within it is second to none and I would highly recommend Stewart & Associates to any organization looking to hire the “best of the best”!”

Nathalie Fisher

President, ASAP Reporting Services